Giving Yourself Time To Heal

Healing is the process of becoming sound or healthy again. Healing is not a destination one has to reach but a long road that one must travel every once in a while. The mental aspect of a human being, which is composed of feelings, emotions and sentiments, requires maintenance from time to time. The inability to do so harms our overall well-being. This maintenance is required for living a happy, satisfied and peaceful life. This can be achieved by healing. 

The need for Healing

Be it the richest man in the world or the poorest, there is no human being on earth who doesn’t require healing. We are all flawed and persistently make mistakes every day. However, the problem arises when we are surrounded by guilt, regret or the consequence of any of our acts or of our near and dear ones. Such a situation acts as a bane for our mental health. Further, amidst the hassles of daily life, certain happenings leave a deep impact on our minds. These ‘difficult-to-forget things’ tend to hurt us emotionally and mentally. This pain or hurt that disrupts our proper functioning is what we need to heal from.

We all have some deep wounds inside our hearts. We all have been through phases, where out of nowhere we suddenly feel like shouting or crying loudly. There have been nights that we’ve spent crying. All of this is due to the fact that we’ve been hurt and we keep getting hurt. Getting hurt is something beyond our control, it can come from opinions, remarks, and even compliments at times. Deep inside our hearts, we wish to be healed by all such things. Now, the question arises, how can we do that? The one-word answer to all these problems is ‘Healing.’

No matter how small this world is, the power it possesses is unbeatable. We hear the word now and then but until and unless we don’t put a step forward to help ourselves, things can’t work out. The one-stop solution lies in ‘giving yourself time to heal.’

Some easy-to-inculcate ways to heal are –

With the increasing discussions on mental health and psychological well-being these days, there are a lot of means which tell how one can heal. First of all, we should learn and accept the fact that we can never be cured completely. Just as you have been hurt in the past, it can happen again in the future. However, the least one can do to help oneself is to try healing to the greatest extent possible. Hence, instead of understanding healing as a big tedious process, we should take it in bits and parts and achieve it gradually.

  • Embracing Wholeness

Healing and wholeness go hand-in-hand. To regain a healthy mind, body, and soul, one must understand and imbibe this concept. Wholeness is accepting oneself just the way we are. It involves understanding the fact that our flaws, perfections, mistakes, and areas of excellence make us ‘unique’. We are defined by all these and they are a part of our lives. There is a pathway that leads an individual to embrace wholeness. Even trying to walk on this pathway can bring a lot of change in one’s life. This pathway includes the following steps:

  1. Self-Awareness (Intuition, Presence, Observation)
  2. Self-Responsibility (Discipline, Courage, Accountability)
  3. Self-Forgiveness (Acceptance, Surrender)
  4. Self-Love (Care, Compassion)
  5. Self-Belonging (Joy, Wholeness)
  • You can’t Pour from an Empty Cup

Since childhood, most of us are conditioned to put others first. Even if we’re hurt badly, we try to help others. In this process of helping others and making them feel better, we get lost somewhere. The truth is, we can’t pour from an empty cup. This doesn’t mean not being there for your friends and family but to prioritize yourself. We should learn to take a step backward from anything that possesses the tendency to hurt us and our mental health. Once you feel you’re happy and healthy, you can always lend a helping hand.

  • Living a Good Life

No two individuals are alike and neither are their likings. Thus, for every single individual, the idea of a good life is different. The very first step to healing is living a good life, a life that includes everything that makes us happy and satisfied. Your work, family, friends, colleagues, workplace, home, and everything that is a major part of your day should bring you happiness and peace and if it doesn’t, you need to work on it. Fixing these major things helps in solving most of the problems. Once this is done, you shall move your focus to other things that bother you. 

  • Shifting the Focus from Past to Present and Future

A number of times, things from the past tend to hurt us. We can deal with our traumatic-past in two ways- by avoiding it or by confronting it all at once. Avoiding can be a temporary solution to this problem but one can completely deal with it by venting out the negative memories in some way. The latter can be done by sharing it with somebody, crying it out, or by writing it on a paper. One can even take the help of a counselor in serious cases where the memories start transforming into any kind of disorder.

Thus, one should let go of the past in any way possible and start living in the present. Visualizing the future with the hope of dreams coming true and achieving goals also brings pleasantness in life. Using this golden tip in life is one of the major accomplishments on the way to healing.

  • Maintaining a Journal:

Writing has been considered one of the most effective stress-relieving therapies so far. It brings peace like no other activity and helps in healing from hidden feelings and emotions. Recapturing the past events in the form of writing helps in relieving an individual of the burden of trauma while writing about the happy events provides joy and pleasantness to the heart and mind.

These are simple yet effective ways to heal. Adapting them can help to bring some amount of change in your life. However, no magic can happen overnight and no process in this world guarantees success. One should know that even if you don’t heal this time, there are many other ways left to try. Despite all this, it is important to remember that you’re loved and appreciated just the way you are!

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21 thoughts on “Giving Yourself Time To Heal

  1. You simply have magic in your words. This is so well written and I hope it reaches out to more people because it’s badly needed. The power of our minds and healing can make this world a much better place.❤

  2. In this era, every single person is facing these problems, and ofcourse they need some help! Moreover at the end of day we all are human beings and we all need shoulder to cry…..And the way u r helping is very fascinating…..Good job and wish u luck❤

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