How To Effectively Deal With The Feeling Of Restlessness?

Have you ever felt a sudden urge to move coupled with a feeling of fog in your mind which can’t be explained but demands a solution in order to calm down? That’s exactly what restlessness feels like. The pivotal period in which a human being grows is between teenage and adulthood and during this period many refinements in synapse and brain wiring happen, along with various physiological, psychological and social changes. Our brain is busy in organizing all these major to minor events happening in our life:

  • Romantic relationships
  • Being self-dependent
  • Exploring our career path
  • Maintaining emotional bonds, etc.

Managing all these things sometimes freezes our mind, and makes us feel restless and confused. This feeling can be conquered by understanding its importance, how to respond and overcome it, and how to control ourselves in that moment.

Why is this feeling of restlessness important?

  • IT HAS A MEANING – The feelings, experiences and acts that are most meaningful aren’t always pleasurable. There is a possibility that the feeling of restlessness is arising from something important in our life which we were continuously denying or were not able to find a solution for.
  • THE URGE TO CHANGE OUR LIFEChanging our life and transforming our patterns for our betterment followed by some experience can be painful and sad; it is basically like recovering from a trauma. The urge to change ourselves and to be in a better position can give rise to various questions in our mind such as, what should I do to achieve a change? Will it give me the results I want? How should I stay motivated?, etc.
  • THESE FEELINGS MIGHT PROTECT US – If we have already experienced something bad in our past and restlessness triggers our instincts, it means that this feeling is protecting us from potential threats. Every time we experience a similar phase to our past bad experiences, we feel restless as if that thing could happen again, which is good if we consider it as a safety measure.
  • PENDING AMENDMENTS – Feeling of guilt from some mistake, which we didn’t get a chance to make amends for or express ourselves can make us restless.
  • NOT LIVING UP TO OUR POTENTIAL – Living a good life isn’t just about being happy but also about being authentic about who we are. If we feel happy all the time, we might miss a chance to improve ourselves or fight for what we believe in.

How to respond to these feelings? 

  • STAY CONNECTED – Staying connected to our family, friends and support systems, reaching out for help, gaining multiple perspectives, talking to the people we trust and telling them our situation, gathering views and deciding what’s best for us can be of great help in order to respond to this feeling.
  • START WRITING IT DOWN – A large number of times, problems arise from the lack of trust in the physical world, where we are not able to trust anyone about how we feel. During this time, writing can be the best solution. Documenting our life events can give us the confidence we lack and can help us organize our feelings and provide a better perspective.
  • BELIEVE IN YOURSELF – Not letting other people’s views change our feelings directly, listening to ourselves, enumerating our feelings, envisioning ourselves can be helpful to a large extent. We just need to gather perspective from others and take the decision ourselves.  

How to effectively handle restlessness?

  1. Take a break to do anything you love till you feel better.
  2. Doing something for someone is kind and helpful can uplift our self-esteem.
  3. Exercise, at least 30 min of physical activity can divert our bad mood to control.
  4. Eating a healthy meal is what nourishes our body and mind.
  5. Complete tasks on time so that you can spare some time to tackle the main issue.
  6. Sleep well as lack of proper sleep can have a negative effect on your mood.

In conclusion, restlessness is not a bad thing; it’s the time when our body and mind is telling us that an important feeling or issue needs to be considered. However, it is important to control ourselves and respond to every situation in a positive manner as that’s the only way forward.

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10 thoughts on “How To Effectively Deal With The Feeling Of Restlessness?

  1. Restlessness is a kind of disease we should fight to it. Be calm take time like plenty articles on this site

  2. Very Impressive and helpful 👌
    This actually helped me to deal with my stress. Great work and hope you come ahaed with more of such beautiful techniques of handling stress.

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