How to Get Over Mistakes Made in the Past?

We live our life in a certain flow, complete daily tasks, have aims and aspirations, work hard to achieve our goals, face challenges and meet new people. Meanwhile, we commit some mistakes, which is an inherent part of human nature. Committing mistakes is a part of human growth, only if one learns a lesson from it. An individual must remain conscious about his/he mistakes to sustain a healthy life. However, at times a person isn’t faulty in his/her approach or doesn’t hold an intention to commit a mistake but due to certain situations and circumstances, one casts a blunder, arresting him for life, making it unforgettable for the person himself/herself. It happens with everyone and it is okay as long as we learn something that helps us grow. Some of us might even face stress and anxiety due to this. In this article, we shall discuss how to manage stress after committing a mistake, how to forgive ourselves after that, and how to accept our mistakes and learn from them in the process.

How to manage stress after committing a mistake?

In order to keep a check on stress caused after committing a mistake, one must think about whether it was their fault or something happened which was a result of a particular situation. When we are super cautious and still something goes wrong, in such a situation, one must try to let it go or simply make changes and revamp their approach. One must understand that thinking about it again and again is not going to make the situation better rather we must absorb it as a lesson and make it a point to not repeat the same thing, which is only possible when a person can forgive themselves.

How to forgive ourselves for the mistakes we’ve made in the past? Accepting, learning, and moving on.

  • Listening to our emotions

During such a situation, a person tends to focus on what has happened and has little awareness of personal emotions and feelings, which is one of the most important steps in forgiving ourselves. Simply feeling guilty or letting go of a mistake without realizing acknowledging the emotions related to it, can further lead to stress, anxiety and increased chances of repeating errors. Giving ourselves some space and time to recognize and accept our inner feelings, determining the changes to be made and welcoming them can be a helpful exercise to make peace our mistakes in a healthy way and avoid repeating them again.

  • Accepting our mistakes

After committing the mistake, we struggle with letting it go as we lag in accepting that mistake. Acceptance is a major step in forgiving ourselves. At times, we are too harsh on ourselves and fail to realise that we are human and making mistakes is a part of our nature. So, accepting that we did something wrong and acknowledging it out loud by giving our thoughts a voice can help us free ourselves from the burden of a guilty consciousness and open the window to growth. Acknowledging our mistakes out loud gives us courage and confidence.

  • Learning from those mistakes

Mistakes are proof that you are trying.”- Albert Einstein. Many successful people believe that mistakes are those learning experiences that hold the key to moving forward and faster with consistency in the future. By reminding ourselves that at least we tried to attempt something and that because of one particular mistake we cannot stop, we’ll be able to accept what happened, let it go, learn from the mistake and move on, eventually.

  • Show kindness and compassion to yourself

When our response towards ourselves during such a situation is negative and we are continuously criticizing ourselves, it’s time to shift the gear from negativity to positive mental health practices and show ourselves some kindness and compassion. Doing something that will make us happy during such a situation is not wrong. A number of times, we lock our thoughts on the fact that we did something wrong and forget to be kind to ourselves which increases the guilt further and becomes a hurdle in growing and moving on. So, understanding our self-worth and being compassionate is important to move on from our past mistakes.

  • Seeking professional help

When nothing works and one keeps on struggling with the same thoughts, not being able to forgive themselves and move forward, one can consider professional help. We must try to understand that each mistake is different and every mistake has a different impact on the mind of an individual. While some people are able to let it go easily, others struggle to live past them. This is the reason why we have mental health professionals who are ever ready to help people out. Counselors can help people break these unhealthy patterns in life and can teach them healthier ways of coping with mistakes.

So, accepting our mistakes and accepting that we and everybody else in the entire world is prone to commit mistakes, is a healthy first step towards self-improvement. The shame and guilt that comes from a particular slip is a part of the process of learning. One must let go of guilt, forgive thyself and try to cope with life happily and healthily.

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One thought on “How to Get Over Mistakes Made in the Past?

  1. Every person does some or another kind of mistakes in past. To get over, a lot of courage is required and it needs acceptance. The article was helpful to realise how much important it is.

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