How To Manage Anxiety During The Lockdown?

The world is calling 2020 a disastrous year but what if it was a reflective year? You get to choose how you take it. Though there have been massive events in these times, yet what stands out is the rapid spread of Corona-virus that led various countries to take the big step of announcing countrywide Lockdown. While in most countries it was planned-out in advance, in India it was sudden and extremely overwhelming for certain less-fortunate sections of the society.

While the physical damage to the world has been extensive yet the mental damage has also been immaculate without much help from the states during the crisis.The world did come to a halt but that didn’t mean that companies stopped working completely. With the lockdown,  a new trend called ‘work from home’ started with which the employees have started experiencing  exhaustion and stress due to workload and working in an environment which was earlier set exclusively to unwind.

Some of the common outcomes/problems we can see everywhere as a result of the current pandemic situation are –

  • Working from home is also causing anxiety to the employees and their family members with a few also displaying symptoms of depression.
  • People who haven’t lived with their families for such a long time have started experiencing frustration and the need for more space and privacy during quarantine.
  • Over-involvement of families in personal affairs is also leading to family clashes within the lockdown. Let’s be honest, the reason for the clashes is living under the same roof 24×7 and not having much to do so it’s natural to pick fights.
  • The uncertainty about the return to normalcy is taking a toll on people and their future lives.
  • Women going through postpartum are struggling with depression because of the lockdown.

All of us have done every possible activity to keep ourselves busy, be it baking the infamous banana-bread to follow the trend of Dalgona Coffee and trying our hands on various new trends, but now what? This is the question which is again leading to anxiety.

Over cleaning the house and then getting worked up at the messy house and ranting about your routine has been a noted behaviour across households. Travellers who are not able to go out also feel stuck up.

The internet has started the false notion of  productivity and the need for people in quarantine  to be productive all the time and when people aren’t able to live up to these ideas they start stressing over it which ultimately leads to various mental disorders.

The everyday news used to be disturbing prior to the corona-virus pandemic but we had many others things back then that kept us busy and allowed us to distract our mind from the heart-breaking news but nowadays we have little or no distraction at all to keep ourselves busy and so continuously watching news can be disturbing and can lead to anxiety.

Anxiety and depression are mental disorders which are suffered by millions around the globe but what is problematic is that there has been an upsurge in the number of people suffering from such disorders during the pandemic and this is why we need to start learning how to cope with it during the lockdown.

Ways to cope with your anxiety and depression:

  • Read the news instead of watching it: Instead of watching the news, people with anxiety should read it since visual memory stays longer in our brains and the disturbing news that is out there tends to stay with us and bother us, so read it instead. If you so want to keep yourself up-to-date then read the news or if you can avoid it, then do that. For people with anxiety and depression even minor news can be upsetting.
  • Nature is healing: Since you cannot go out on a nature walk the most you can do is watch the sky and the trees or go to your garden or take care of the plants in your house because it goes without saying that nature has healing powers and you will feel better.
  • Online therapy: With the advent of online therapy people with mental ailment can seek help using the same. Therapy over video calls can be helpful too. Your therapist can guide you better.
  • Social-media detox: It is extremely important in the age of social media and the internet to take a break from it. During the day, preferably early in the morning take time away from your gadgets and give yourself or other activities around you time. When you get into the habit of doing it, you will start valuing that time in the day.
  • It’s okay to not be productive everyday: Don’t get worked up if you have those days where you can’t do anything or don’t feel like it. Having those days is just normal especially in times like these. Don’t take it on yourself.
  • Paint or engage in some craft:  For people with anxiety, developing interest in painting and craft can be helpful in order to heal. This can be done during your ‘me-time’ which is necessary.
  • Shelter a pet: If you are dealing with depression a pet can make you feel comforted. If you know about a shelter home or an adoption centre which is giving away a pet animal that you can rescue, it is a good choice and you should make the decision of keeping one. Pets are the most loyal and the best creatures to have around yourself. Taking care of it will make you happy and keep yourself busy. They are the best cuddlers.
  • It is not the end of the world: People with depression start feeling hopeless and times like these are feeding their thoughts. But trust me, this is not the end. These are just bad times and are yet crucial for all of us to reflect. The world has a lot more to offer you and the good times will come. There is hope and there is a future. If the bad times are here, the good days will come soon and will stay.

If you want to take something out of 2020, let it be reflection and introspection. 2020 has done nothing but taught us how to be more informed about our surroundings. We are in this together and we will come out of it as better human beings.

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2 thoughts on “How To Manage Anxiety During The Lockdown?

  1. The article was of great help!! Coz currently my day starts with my mobile.. I send most of my time sending in that and being gloomy. And i think its high time to restart my hubbies. These days made me more to procrastinate my works.
    Thank you!! This article made me think how i used be.. Lets try to make ourselves engaged!!

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