How to sustain a long distance relationship in times like these?

Recently, a man in the state of Uttar Pradesh allegedly committed suicide as he was missing his wife who was stuck at her parent’s place due to the lockdown.

Source: Indiatoday

Long-distance relationships were marked to be difficult even when the world wasn’t facing the crisis that it is right now, so handling it was knotty earlier as well but what’s different this time is that earlier if you were missing your significant other you could just take a flight or just go to them but now you can’t do either. So, this lack of mobility is causing a wreck in a lot of long-distance relationships and some relationships which suddenly transformed into long-distance due to the abrupt lockdown.

Since nobody has been given a date or time period after which all of this will end, it has created a vague future for long-distance relationships. Insecurity also starts seeping in as the distance elongates.

There are people in relationships that require time and if they are not given enough time by the significant other, who also might be going through a lot due to the situation in hand, they start over-thinking, over-analyzing the scenario and get stressed.

Every person deals with a situation individually, in this case since a relationship involves two people, a person might be emotionally stronger and would be able to deal with it in ease but their significant other might not be able to cope with the situation which might be leading to an emotional distance and eventually affecting their mental health as well. 

The Pandemic itself is affecting the mental health of almost everyone where everyday there are stories of how people are struggling in the lockdown but perhaps not having your loved ones around makes it even worse to keep yourself together during the global-crisis. The fact that this distance has also led to lack of physical contact between couples is a concerning factor for the two as well. In fact, even the people who have recently started dating are struggling with uncertainty and fear of losing the budding romance.

After reading and going through stories about people who are facing this situation, what’s comprehensible is the fact that both the people involved are dealing with some amount of anxiety and stress. Some cases of people sliding into depression have also been reported. So the uncertain distance becomes an evident cause for major mental health issues that has to be dealt with immediately.   

How can people sustain their long-distance relationships?

One thing that people have to keep in their mind is that ‘Technology comes to your rescue.’   So the only way to work through the distance and sustain relationships is with the help of the Internet.

  • Video-calling is a blessing:  

Think about those people who were in a long-distance relationship at the time of ‘Plague’ where people struggled to even get over a phone call, but now that you have access to video calling or face-time, you can literally talk while looking in your partner’s eyes. Use this facility to the fullest. Schedule a time when you are going to make that video-call so that there is something to look up to during the day. Most people who are already doing this everyday and are a bit flustered by the activity, try and stick to a schedule and don’t call each other every hour because it does get tiring for the other person as well if they are already in the midst of something else they will have to give you time at the same time have to finish their work off and not getting enough attention will upset the other.

  • Express feelings without a filter:

The rough patch will get worse if you resort to repression of how you feel just because you don’t want to stress out the other person or you are trying to cope alone. What is important at this point is self-acknowledgement of your feelings and emotions and then the partner should also be aware about the other’s feelings, if they were together in the good times they will stick around in the grey days.

  • Planning the reunion:

People can also plan out the things they will do, the places they would go to and plan out how they are going to decorate their house, when everything is back to normal. This activity will distract them from over-thinking about the situation in hand and will lead to some amount of excitement.

  • A reminder of love can help:

Reminding each other about the reasons why they love each other can be a beautiful gesture to find calm in the unrest. A text message is all it takes. So if you are in a long-distance relationship with not just a potential partner but also a family member or a friend then leave a text and remind them why you love them. Make enough use of the new emojis and the stickers that are getting better with time.

  • Video-date nights:

Date nights are one the most precious step towards maintaining a healthy relationship but for those who are stuck apart video-date night is a new thing. Planning a virtual date night can be the sweetest thing to cope with the distance while increasing the emotional bond.

  • Online gaming: 

With the intent of online-gaming there has been an upsurge in new long-distance relationships and so for those who have been in it before the gaming world can now use the online-gaming to get bonding time.

  • Avoid discussing news:

Even though it is the biggest thing happening these days, constantly talking about it would be of no help to both your mental health and your partners, so talk about better things. Also, avoid watching news that is disturbing instead read about it if you want to keep yourself up to the date. Make a pact with your partner that you will not discuss news over a phone call.

  • It can get boring:

It is completely normal to get bored with the usual things because there are so many restrictions to a daily routine now, that the routine that you have adapted to might seem boring.  Constantly texting can be tiring and you might just feel like doing nothing. It’s not abnormal, take your time.

  • Keep a check on your mental-health:

Your partner wants the best for you and of you, so when you are going through something mentally they will accept it and give you space. Keep your mental-health at a priority in times like these, if you are healthy mentally only then you can feel your best and do your best for others around. So, give yourself enough time by doing the small things that make you happy because you need to take charge of your happiness more than anyone else. Do activities that make you feel good about yourself and it will be an easy ride.

Remember the good times will come as they always do and this time you will cherish it more than ever.

You are together despite the distance.

When we talk about long-distance relationships we are not explicitly talking about couples or lovers but are also trying to address the kids who are separated from their parents or the parents if they are separated from their kid.

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    In this global-crisis we’re not able to go out, meet our friends, go to the college and do stuffs we used to do on regular basis. Also, the long distance relationships are dealing with a lot of anxiety . But I’m sure this article would help them to think in a better and positive way.

  5. Indeed the article was really beneficial. In this global-crisis we’re not able to go out, meet our friends, go to the college and do stuffs we used to do on regular basis. Also, the long distance relationships are dealing with a lot of anxiety . But I’m sure this article would help them to think in a better and positive way.

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