Is The COVID-19 Lockdown Stress Making You Binge Non-stop?

A few months back, we couldn’t have even imagined staying at home and doing absolutely nothing. Analyzing closely, we would realize that we felt so because day-by-day the pace of our lives was getting faster and faster. In the mad race of chasing our dreams and passions, we had stopped paying heed to a lot of things, including our physical, mental, and emotional health at timed, for that matter. We humans had exploited things to such an extent that we had to pay for it! The exploited things include our surroundings as well as ourselves. This is how and why the pandemic COVID-19 came into being, we suppose. 

Since the coming of Coronavirus (COVID-19) and the subsequent lockdown, our lifestyles have changed completely. Apart from the ‘Covid Warriors’, the majority of the population is stuck inside homes, some in the rarely-seen-before cycles of work-from-home and online classes while others are indulged in the virtual competition of being productive and showing-off skills. There’s also this set of people who do nothing but binge-watch, binge-eat, binge-sleep, etc.


Since the word ‘binge’ is in trend these days, we will now have a look at what it means and what are its health hazards. The word ‘binge’ is defined as a period of excessive indulgence in an activity.

Be it binge-eating, binge-sleeping, binge-watching, or any other type of binging, all of them are increasing day by day. There’s no harm in enjoying after a tedious day but the concern lies where the fun crosses its limit and develops the potential of harming one’s health.

With the introduction of Netflix, Amazon Prime, and other online viewing platforms, bingeing has gained a lot of popularity. The lockdown, following the COVID-19 outbreak, has acted as a catalyst for the same. Not only the youth but almost all other age groups those in middle age and the ones in their 50s have indulged in bingeing somehow.


Teenagers, the most emotionally vulnerable section of the society, and also the future of our nation, are drawn the most towards this habit. While calling them the future of our nation, we are drawing our attention towards the responsibility of the elders to make sure that they’re on the right path and not playing with their health in any way. The delicacy of adulthood, if not handled with care can result in disasters.

All of us grumble about the fact that this lockdown has made things tougher and it is difficult for us to cope with a lot of stuff, while the truth is, more than half of us are enjoying this lockdown as ‘holidays’. First of all, we should try to realize the importance of this time, which must not be wasted at any cost and then should preach to others about the same. 


The lightly taken bad habit of bingeing makes us grumpier, lazier, and harms our mental as well as physical health in numerous ways than known.

Listed below are some consequences we can face if we don’t look after binge habits well:

  • Weight gain
  • Lose the habit of working
  • Become prone to certain diseases
  • Weak eyesight
  • Disturbed sleep cycle
  • Mood Swings

Having fun and enjoying is one essential part of the day but we must know our limits to avoid unnecessary health issues.

On a lighter note, this article isn’t about leaving aside everything involving fun or living a monotonous life. Instead, it is a reminder of how you can make the most of this time so that you don’t regret it later because we all know that time and tide waits for none! Every day, you must learn at least one new thing, no matter how little it may be, which can help you become a better version of yourself, a version you can be proud of. Imbibing certain habits such as meditation, exercise, cooking instead of bingeing would also bring numerous benefits in the long run.

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9 thoughts on “Is The COVID-19 Lockdown Stress Making You Binge Non-stop?

  1. Nice article 👍
    Binge watching is okay sometimes but it shouldn’t hinder our day to day schedule which will only lead to unhealthy life!

    1. An apt discription of how the binging cycle has easily been molded into our lives, to change the oraganic lifestyle we use to had. No doubt, we need to monitor our activities. Nicely written Shilpi.👌

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