Positive Effects Of Venting On Your Mental Health

Human beings are granted with a miraculous present of verbal communication. This is the only and one of the highest order of souvenir a man and a woman has been given which differentiates them from other living creatures. Now, coming to “talk it out”- it literally means to vent out or vomit out or to express your thoughts, emotions and behavior through verbal and none verbal communication. It’s a reciprocal transaction between the speaker and the listener. It is not a one-directional process as both have an equally important role to play in it. When you are able to effectively communicate your thoughts, your story, your belief system that helps you cater to your concerns and acts as a breath of fresh air or relief, that’s when the term “talking it out” is used. Reaching out to a trusted and supportive individual is the most courageous of acts.

When we are unable to express our struggles, problems and what we have been going through psychologically and in life, it keeps on piling up and the problem never gets resolved, and consequently our mental condition gets worse. When we do not reach out for help, we tend to bottle up all the negative energy inside us and don’t allow ourselves to heal from the issues. Inability to express is a dangerous weapon because it manifests in uglier ways later. The problem still prevails and it does more harm than good to our mind, body and soul. The individual will remain unhappy, and intra-psychic conflicts will aggravate even more. It is definitely not a healthy state of mind. Sharing your problems enables you to be more assertive and is considered therapeutic. There are so many people who just want to be listened to, and heard patiently with a compassionate attitude. The leading cause of loneliness and social isolation is that people believe that they have no one to talk to, or have no company where they can feel free and comfortable while sharing their struggles. They tend to take an unhealthy route, that is, silent suffering. It is never advisable to be so reluctant to seek help to talk about your health.

How do you expect a doctor to prescribe medicines or treat your problem if you never tell them what is wrong with your health in the first place? Mental health is as important as physiological health. Same is the case with mental illness and we must address this very seriously. There should be no hesitation or any kind of reluctance to seek the “necessary and required” help you need. It does not make you weak, in fact it makes you stronger. It makes you intelligent and wise to share your personal psychological space with a professional mental health practitioner or for that matter anyone who you care about and have a great bonding with. It is a non-judgmental and safe corner where you can be the real you. In psychoanalytic therapy, venting out is also termed as Catharsis or cathartic therapy. It is a widely used, practical and applicable method to treat and help the patient effectively heal from their ill-health. The word catharsis is derived from a Greek word which is translated as ‘cleansing’ or ‘purification’. This is true in every sense as it emphasizes on two essential components, that are emotional aspect (strong emotional expression and processing) and the cognitive aspect (new insight, new realization and adaptive thought processes) which lead to a positive change in the individual.

In the history of humanity, catharsis has been recognized as a healing, life-changing, transforming and therapeutic/remedial experience. It is a commonly consumed core technique used to achieve positive therapeutic change. During catharsis, the individual releases all the pent-up negative emotions, fears and thoughts in order to feel light, relaxed and it reduces the burden that they have been carrying inside them for a long time. It is an immediate and long-lasting purification of unresolved trauma, suppressed emotions, memories, thoughts and feelings. This process takes tremendous strength and time to untangle every psychological wire that you have been attaching. Disclosing your distress and opening-up about your difficult times helps to grow and improve your overall health. If you choose to stay silent and fight the battle without getting it out of your system, you are more prone to marked levels of frustration, anger, anxiety, depression, so on and so forth, and the chances of developing psychological disorders increases tremendously.

We can guarantee you that there are zero disadvantages and infinite advantages of talking out, and sharing your internal disputes. These are:

We can guarantee you that there are zero disadvantages and infinite advantages of talking out, and sharing your internal disputes. These are:

Safe and comforting space – It gives you a sense of belongingness, and reminds you that you are not alone in this journey towards betterment. Having a loved one or a supportive individual with whom you can talk at any time and about anything, gives you encouragement to deal with obstacles and also changes your mood state to a rather positive one. You feel wanted and valued. When you can empathize with someone and be sensitive towards their story, it makes the individual relaxed, calm and less fearful.

Fills you with hope – Venting out always helps as it acts as a bridge between your suppressed emotions and an outlet to release the same. This instils hope that you can always be better than yesterday, you can always face your fears and you can always progress; the hope of not staying stuck and moving ahead with grace.

Self-awareness – Reaching out for help when you think you can’t handle your situation by yourself or feel like you are done dealing with your issues alone, makes you emotionally mature and intelligent. When we are aware of what is going on in our mind and life, we are able to make better choices for ourselves and live a healthier life. This helps us become more self-aware and we are able to deal with crisis in an morr efficient manner. Not only does it gives us an insight, it also aids in regulating and maintaining the healthy coping mechanisms.

Mood enhancer- Studies have shown that having an empathetic conversation with a significant other about our experiences leads to a significant, instant reduction in stress levels. Your bad mood vanishes in the blink of an eye and soothes your mind. It helps you relieve that extra pressure.

Reflective listener – Listening is an art, it’s a skill. You are trained only if you practice it like any other learning skill. When someone summons all their strength and comes to you to talk about their problem or story, you must try to keep your personal opinions and biases aside during the course of that conversation. It is very important to make the other person feel that you are genuinely interested in listening and helping them. You must make them feel comfortable, so that they can feel like they can rely on and trust you, which again should be respected at all costs. You must try to have a good understanding of what they are trying to express. Make sure that you have correctly understood and comprehended what the other person has conveyed to you. Be patient and kind, and try not to give any unsolicited suggestions or quick fix solutions. Sometimes all one needs is to let it all out, as they are not looking for advice or guidance.

Fosters personal growth – You have already made progress if you have decided to come forward and share your vulnerabilities, flaws and mental dilemmas, unapologetically. You are helping yourself by taking care of your self. This is the only way by which you can grow and thrive. It initially feels uncomfortable and scary but once you take that step forward in order to function better, you win. You become more efficient in tackling the hassles of life in a better manner. The first step towards the journey of personal growth is to try and speak up about your stagnation.

Proactive in helping others – Why do you think support groups were established? The main objective behind formulating the concept of support group therapies is to cater to a larger audience at the same time, with the same goals and problems. When you are healed, you want to actively help others too, and that is the power of healing. You want to assist more people so that they can get the help that they need and rightfully deserve. Support groups help people to speak-up openly and without any fear about their battles. It gives other people strength too. You can never fight alone for a long time, but you can always fight your obstacles together and come back more resilient. It helps you to be more assertive and builds confidence. Talking it out gives you a sense of empowerment and control.

These are quite a few benefits of talk therapy. Studies have scientifically shown the positive results of talk therapy, and the outcomes are advantageous and effective amongst all age groups. It fosters long lasting self-growth and resilience. In addition, you can also try self-disclosure activities or role-play exercises such as psychodrama, role reversal etc. You can also join support groups as mentioned above, or join volunteering services, attend assertiveness and sensitivity training workshops, use creative and expressive art mediums to share your story or to ask for help such as joining a poetry club or expressing through journaling or drawing or art and craft. You can also join mental health apps to share your personal experiences. Last but not the least, it is important to seek professional help anytime and anywhere at your own comfort and convenience, and feel free to seek help or ask for the same because you matter and your mental health matters. Talk it out and take it all out as nothing can hold you back from reaching your maximum potential. Only you can bring about a positive change in your life. You’re the first person who’s responsible for your mental and emotional wellbeing. Take charge today! Better late than never, right?

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  1. Great article 😊
    Very informative and yes, it is very important to vent out.!! Bottling up one’s feeling just makes it worse.

  2. This should be put across individualss who are hesitant to vent! Catharsis not only includes listening but it’s important to be an empathetic listener! Well done

  3. Very important message is conveyed through your article . I appreciate it that you are taking this a step forward ,it will help people a lot . It is the most courageous thing to open up ,I agree and very important at the same time .Very well written article 👍

      1. Beautifully written and wonderfully explained… All the points were relatable..
        I could understand the value of venting out only after I could do it…
        Looking forward to many more Paridhi.

  4. Mental health is often missing from public health debates and it’s really the need of hour. Kudos to you and keep up the gud work.

  5. Such a crucial message , today things are changing , people are becoming aware and starting to take mental health and themselves seriously. A conversation should start and that’s the beginning . Your article has a powerful impact . Keep sharing more .

  6. These are the facts which people have negclected over the years which you have written with perfection. With the help of your article , maybe someone will gain enough strength to speak up and be at ease after all the accumulated emotions and feelings are spoken out to someone who is listening. Thankyou.

  7. Aptly describes the process of talking it out. Its amazing how it beautifully highlights the fact that we know about certain things still we are unaware of its importance. One such thing is Venting out and being a good listener to someone. Looking forward to your next blog.

  8. Very informative article Paridhi.. spl. In today’s time n busy lives. Mentioned advantages are real n great..

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