Tips On Depression Management During Lockdown: Coping With Covid-19

You wake up like you do every other morning. The only difference is that you are not in a hurry to bathe or have breakfast because you will be late for class or office. Instead you take your time in front of the bathroom mirror, make a mean cup of morning tea for yourself and step out to your patio. You look at the deserted streets, tightly closed doors.

Instead of a lively neighborhood and  little kids enjoying their childhood to the fullest, you see little islands of life here and there, floating behind those massive walls. In the background you hear the headlines like, “1500 new cases of COVID-19 reported.” The realisation then dawns upon you; you know that nothing is the same and at times it feels as if maybe, it will never be the same ever again.

The feels of a lockdown.

The backaches, the cracking of your neck, those burning eyes and that constant headache. Sitting at your home should have felt comfortable and relaxing but it just doesn’t Why? A constant fear of the present and future, worry of feeding your family, suffocation of being trapped in the same situation day by day. When you read your bucket list again and again, uncertain if there will ever come a day where you can actually fulfill your dreams or not.

In these tough times, being depressed and thinking that “this is it” isn’t something abnormal. All of us are going through the same phase and experiencing these feelings almost everyday irrespective of whether we choose to show it or not, but we can’t go to our therapists, or have a walk in our favourite park to relive with nature. What exactly can we do in these times?

How to ask yourself the right questions?

Since this lockdown has started, we have all become self-reliant. Working without maids, cooks, gardeners or any kind of help that we were used to having. Then why not help ourselves on our own in this matter as well? First step towards helping yourself is to ask questions. Stand in front of the mirror and ask yourself, what is it that you crave to do the most right now?

You will come across different answers. “going to a mall”, “meeting some friends”, “going for a stroll in the woods” and what not. Then ask yourself another question, how many times do you actually do all this on a normal, busy week? Suddenly, you will know that this craving is more because you know you can’t have it. You can’t go to a mall and have a cup of coffee, that’s why you wish to do it more than ever. Isn’t it so? Ask yourself again!

How to channel your energy into a better direction?

One reason behind all this anxiety and stress is the outbreak of COVID-19 in the world and another reason is that we have so much energy in ourselves but no way to put it to use. Then why not find a way?

  • Take a paper and pen and sit down.
  • Close your eyes and walk down a flashback.
  • Make a list of all those things that you have always wanted to do, being at home, with your family.
  • Learn to bake a cake or weave a sweater or dance on classical music.
  • Call some old friends or write a book and so many other things.

Now that we have a chance to slow down and enjoy some family time, why not do it to the fullest?

The times under which we have got this opportunity might be tough and depressing but to live through them positively is a much better way than to stop living and spend your time worrying about something no one has control over. We need to let our natural senses work at their best right now. We need to be aware of our surroundings and be careful and still live through them the best we can. After all isn’t it what life is all about? Ask again!

How to stay positive in such times?

One way to remain positive during these times is through meditation. A way that never fails us. Sit on your patio, on an early morning and close your eyes. Try to focus on the hustle of leaves and the sound of birds around you. Try to think about every good thing that has happened to you in this time of lockdown. Smile a bit and let your mind do the remaining work. Then imagine a world after all this is over.

When you will finally walk out of your house, expert of so many things, to an environment less polluted, and to a society that values life now more than ever. Day by day, bit by bit, your mind will adapt to these positive thoughts and you will proceed towards a healthier lifestyle.

In these times when no one else can help us through our anxiety issues, we have to help ourselves. We have to make sure that when we walk out, we are a better version of ourselves. Finally we have got all the time in the world to work on being what we know we can be. Who knows? There might come a day when we will miss being this stress-free and sitting with our families, enjoying each other’s company.

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4 thoughts on “Tips On Depression Management During Lockdown: Coping With Covid-19

    1. Very relevant and relatable during these times. It’s important to know your feelings and have a positive mind frame

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