What To Do When You Feel As If Life Isn’t Worth Living?

“Life is unfair” is something all of us have said and experienced at least once in our life. It isn’t always so happy and bright like this world wants us to believe. Many times it is hard to accept things that are so suddenly thrown our way.

This unfairness that life frequently shows us leaves many wounds behind which heal slowly with time. Some turn into memory we learn from, while some stay with us in the form of a nasty scar and painful experience.

These experiences make us question, time to time, about the reason we are still fighting when everything feels so empty and life seems just worthless. Thoughts like these tend to lead a path that is full of self-harm, depression and many times makes you want to call it quits on life.

Some of the things that might be the reason behind suicidal thoughts are generally associated with mental health issues like depression or anxiety, life events, and family events, etc.

Emotions that surrounds us when these thoughts stay with us for a long time are full of negativity and are self-demeaning. But what should one do to prevent any type of self-harmful action that may be a result of such thoughts?

  • Talk to a trusted friend or family member, someone with who you are comfortable and can lean on for emotional support.
  • If or when you a ready and willing to acknowledge your problems, try seeking professional help.
  • Practice things that help you feel calm and peaceful, be it meditation, listening to music, reading or anything else, do things that make you happy.
  • When you feel ready, share your emotions and thoughts with others and try listening to their issues too, this way you can help each other.
  • Try indulging in new things and changing anything that makes you feel bad about yourself. Start making healthy life choices.

We all are well aware of the fact that life isn’t a bed of roses. But still through all those painful experiences, one learns to live on and become a much better and stronger version of themselves. Always remember whatever you feel as a human being is valid, and no part of you or your emotion is worthless. It’s okay to do things slowly at your own pace, do not compare yourself with others or any of society’s useless standards.

Bad experiences are also part of this life we are given, some more painful than others, but life also teaches us ways to cope up and stay hopeful. Having thoughts about self-harm or suicide isn’t something one should take lightly and should seek help before acting on those thoughts. Lastly, always remember, there is hope even when everything seems to be falling apart, you just need to stay strong and never think about giving up.

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