Why Your Morning Routine Matters The Most

Behind every blooming flower there are well nourished roots. 

Whenever we see a blooming flower, we focus on the beauty but what we don’t see is the hidden and the most important reason behind it, viz., the roots. The reason behind every beautiful thing lies under the fundamental unit; either the reason is hidden or it is too small to be seen with naked eyes but it has to be seen or at least known to help us nourish it.

So is the case with our life. We are unaware of so many things that we do and their impact on us. There are many ways by which we can make our lives better and healthy but before that it’s important to understand that our life is a beautiful concoction with generous amounts of good days, bad days and the days which gave us the potential to see the world through many colors and not just black and white. We live every color we see and face so many ups and downs throughout the day and while not all of them are under our control, some of them are, and can be controlled if we are determined to start a particular task on time and do everything in a disciplined manner in order to avoid delays and hurries.

Every day, we are given some or other task and to accomplish it we need to work on the basics. So let’s assume that this day is a task and to make the best out of it, we need to start by working on our morning routine.

Now the question arises – how can we elevate our morning?

  • Staying hygienic: Taking a bath as soon as you wake up, brushing your teeth, exfoliating your face and wearing new or newly washed clothes can give your day a good start as it helps in releasing happy hormones. If you start your day by being happy you are more likely to take the rest of the decisions nicely and with utmost attention.
  • Nutrition rich breakfast is an energy pack: Taking a balanced diet in the morning is essential as the stomach has been empty for 6-7 hours and now what we eat has the potential of making or breaking our day. It is important to make sure that we don’t rely on junk food in the morning and fill up our stomach with as many nutrients as possible.
  • To-do lists: After cleaning ourselves and filling our stomach it is time to start our work or study or do whichever task we are supposed to complete by the end of the day. It is necessary to maintain a list of all the tasks and keep it in our reach as it will motivate and encourage us to complete the tasks well in time.
  • Complete the list in order (sequence): In order to avoid laxity, it is important to make the list in the same order in which the tasks have to be done. This will help to focus on the next immediate task by not wasting precious time and getting the most out of it.
  • Rewards for the completed tasks (in the list): After making the to-do  list, cut or check every task after completing it as it will help in relieving stress and managing the workload. As you cut every task, you can reward yourself with the movie you wanted to watch, the game you were eagerly waiting to play or any fun activity which will not only motivate you to complete the whole list on time but also help you overcome anxiety.
  • Involve yourself in any physical activity: As we are all having hectic schedules, it can get difficult to make time for ourselves. It is necessary to keep the body moving and the best workout is that which we actually want to do! In this case, it can be as simple as a few air squats or five minutes of stretching.
  • Get proper sleep: Now as we are done with our day, we are now required to sleep with absolutely no stress. Adults require 6-7 hours of healthy sleep as it helps in healing and repairing the heart and blood vessels.

In conclusion, your morning routine matters because it is the reason behind your every mood and your day matters because it adds up to make a beautiful life.

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