You Can’t Control Every Situation

Life is unpredictable and unfair at times. From time to time, we are met with a lot of unexpected incidents most of which are unwanted but sometimes taking the wrong route takes us to the right destination. It is not easy to always get what we want, and we have to accept this. All we need to do is to separate things which are under our control and then act upon those things as those are the things which will keep us stress-free and would be worthy of effort.

Let us discuss some of the reasons that cause unnecessary stress


This is the biggest reason for stress these days. People tend to make a lot of decisions without putting much thought and thereafter regret it. In addition to it, the guilt which comes after that makes them overthink to a large extent, leading to stress, anxiety, and if continued for prolonged periods without check, can cause other serious mental and physical health problems.

Pessimistic thinking

Focusing on the possible negative outcome of a situation such as how a date will go or whether or not your new boss will like you, only projects negative thoughts into the future. Gruver says. “We worry about these things when we don’t really know what is going to happen,” Gruver says. “Why suffer twice?” One way to combat the pattern of thinking about the worst-case-scenario is to consider whether the stressor is realistic and ask yourself whether it is something that will bother you one or two months in the future.

Another way to avoid worst-case-scenario thinking is to stay in the present, Gruver says. For example, while completing daily tasks, such as washing the dishes, you can take the time to experience the smell of the soap, the feel of the water, or the way the light hits the bubbles.


Procrastination is one of the reasons for failure. No matter how well someone performed, if they were late in doing the work, they failed. Planning things in advance has always been the easiest part of every plan but when it comes to taking action, most of the people lose hope and give up or procrastinate till it’s too late. In order to avoid this, we should try to tackle a challenging project in stages, rather than doing it all at once.

Now that we know the root cause for problems (no matter if they are important or not; controllable or not) if we want to overcome these things, we need to know some feasible methods. These methods will not show results on the first go; it will need consistency and faith.

Here are some ways to stop stressing about the things we can’t control:

Measure your Boundaries:

There are a lot of things which we can’t control but those things can become a hurdle while concentrating on things which we can control. Hence, it is important to set aside the things which are under our control and work on those alone in order to work with efficiency and effectiveness.

Identify your Fears:

Are you predicting a catastrophic outcome? Do you doubt your ability to cope with an undesirable outcome? Usually, the worst case scenario isn’t as horrible as we might imagine but quite often, people are so busy thinking, “This is going to be a disaster,” that they don’t take the time to ask themselves, “What would I do if the worst case scenario came true?”

Create a Stress Management Plan:

Whether life is going well or you’re encountering tough times, stress management strategies are key to performing at your peak. Exercising, eating healthy, participating in leisure activities and getting plenty of sleep are just a few key things one needs to do in order to take care of themselves. Schedule time to engage in healthy stress relieving activities. Whether you enjoy yoga or you want to spend time with friends, make time for those activities regardless of how busy you are.

Also, be on the lookout for unhealthy coping skills. Drinking too much, binge watching TV, and complaining may offer temporary relief, but it’ll create more problems over the long-term. So whatever the problem is, try not to escape from it. There’s a brutal truth about life that some people refuse to accept—you have no control over many things that happen to you.

People who resist this truth fall into two categories—control freaks or worry warts. Control freaks believe if they can gain enough control over others, and the situations they find themselves in, they can somehow prevent bad things from happening. Worry warts, on the other hand, fret about everything from natural disasters to deadly diseases. They believe that thinking hard enough about all the potential worst case scenarios will somehow keep them safe.  

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3 thoughts on “You Can’t Control Every Situation

  1. Like it’s true we can’t control any situation but If a person has this craziness of being first and tackling everything but is unsuccessful at a point then he’ll obviously tend to have stress or feeling of failure so in that situation what should one do.

  2. Hi priyanshi
    In that case tackling a particular task at a time would do wonder. If you want to be successful then it is important to work hard but staying patient is even more important.

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