Effective time management keeps stress in check.

The term management not only includes some specific terms related to businesses or economics in general, but it also includes every single aspect of human life, for example, time management, resource management, family management, to name a few. Every organization or task works on a deadline and to meet those deadlines, one might have to hustle in the end due to lack of proper time and resource management, which sometimes can cause tonnes of stress. Time management plays a very important role in meeting these deadlines on time. To define time management, we’d say that it is the ability to use one’s time effectively and productively, especially at work.

Time management is of utmost importance because :

  1. It helps in accomplishing more in less time as one can invest time effectively.
  2. It helps in providing better opportunities for learning and helps in reducing stress at work.
  3. It generates focus and determination among the individual which helps in achieving more success in short time. 
  4. Time being a limited resource, can bring wonders if used in an effective and efficient way. 
  5. Good time management provides a side benefit of better decision making as with ample amount of time one can consider all the factors and make a good decision instead of jumping directly to the conclusion.
  6. It helps in reducing stress as one can have a complete control over the work and time.
  7. If a task is completed on time, it can bring in appreciation and a good reputation in an organization.
  8. Time management makes a person more self disciplined leaving no room for procrastination.
  9. A good disciplined life has a very crucial impact on various aspects of life, whereas an undisciplined life can keep you from achieving goals. 
  10. As everyone is always busy with a lot of stuff , one needs some time for relaxation and peace of mind. With proper time management, one can find some time for unwinding, otherwise if not managed, it can cause cluttered mind and stressful life. 

Everyone tries to manage their work and time effectively but somehow, at times, we fail to do so, be it knowingly or unknowingly. Management requires no room for mistakes and poor working. To maintain proper functioning of an organization in terms of time management, one needs to avoid these mistakes:

  • Poor punctuality – Punctuality has a direct impact on time and goes hand in hand. People in lieu of time in the deadline, delays the work and hustle on the last day before the deadline. If one is punctual in the very first place, one can complete the work before the deadline.
  • Rushing – When working in an organization, there are situations where one has to rush a little. One must keep some extra buffer time for last minute problems that might arise unknowingly but should avoid leaving everything to the last minute. It will create chaos and ill management of work which will lead to incompleteness of task. 
  • Identification of defined goals – An employee has a lot of priorities and goals. He needs to define and identify a specific goal for which he has to work. Working without a specific designed goal is like working for nothing. Outline what you want to achieve and design how you want to achieve it. 
  • Too much perfection – Perfection is good but to some extent. Too much perfection will either make you to prepare far too much in advance or slow down your pace. Remember to apply your best effort instead of running behind perfection.
  • No delegation of work – When working on too many projects, one must delegate the work to the subordinates. If one person will handle too much work at one time, there are chances of complete failure. Learn and identify the tasks which can be delegated or outsourced and share the work accordingly.

These above mentioned mistakes are the major causes which can cause stress at workplace and the only antidote to these mistakes is proper time management. It will give new dimensions to an organization by giving better opportunities to achieve goals and targets in time. Time is a boon which can prove to be beneficial if used in an effective and efficient way.

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