How Can Introspection Lead To A Happier Life?

Being judgmental is a negative habit that so many people have, and while we have met some of these people at some point in our lives, we have also been that person ourselves. Observing someone else’s behaviour is always easy but do we often try observing yourself? This type of self-analysis is what we call “introspection.”

Introspection helps us judge ourselves so that we can find our strengths and weaknesses that ultimately help us to improve ourselves before anyone else tells us to.

Now the question arises, how can we introspect ourselves?

  • Having some “me” time: We don’t need to visit a special place for self-introspection; it can be done well within our comfort zones. There is no specific time to do it. For instance, it could be done right after waking up in the morning or during travel, or at tea time. It can be done whenever and wherever one pleases by making sure that there’s no one to interrupt our concentration.
  • Ask yourself several questions: When we are alone and have absolutely no one around, we have the freedom to be ourselves without the fear of being judged. At that time, without giving it too much thought, relax and take some deep breaths, and try to divert your focus from all the unnecessary thoughts and ask yourself questions like –
    • What do I want from life?
    • What makes me happy?
    •  What are my strengths? What are my weaknesses?
    •  What do I love to do?
  • Write down the answers: Take a pen and paper and jot down all the answers. It is best to not rely on mobile apps as they are not as effective as writing. It is necessary to jot down the answers as it is, without giving a second thought as what comes first in our mind, is exactly what this activity is about. It is important to be honest as this exercise is meant only for the doer and only the doer will see the results.
  • Observe the answers: Now as the results are in front of us, we have to observe what we have written without correcting anything. The reason for this is to understand the answers that came from within after we gave ourselves appropriate time and space to introspect the thoughts that have been with us since inception.
  • Tackle one area at a time: As one can’t master everything at once, all the answers need to be taken up separately and prioritised accordingly. The motive of this activity is self-improvement and not to increase stress.
  • Seek help if needed: It is always advisable to seek professional help or ask the people we trust the most such as family or friends, in case one finds difficulty in following any of the processes listed above.

In order to notice profound changes, this exercise should be performed on a regular basis.

One needs to be consistent, patient and honest with oneself while doing this activity. First timers need not fret as Rome was not built in a day.

  • Repeat it and be consistent: This activity is not time consuming and normally takes only 20 minutes or so to perform at a time. It needs to be done once a month for better results as consistency is the key.

After doing it several times, the doer will be able to:

  • Know what is best for them.
  • Choose the best alternatives for themselves.
  • Give their best as they will be doing what they want to do as opposed to what they should do.

In conclusion, introspection helps one live happily without leaving room for confusion while taking life decisions.

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  1. Introspection is important part and this article helped me to understand it far better. Good going🌸

  2. This article clearly tells us how introspection is an important part of life. Everyone should give this a read

  3. Introspection is an important part in understanding one’s emotions, this article clearly tells us that. Very informative.

  4. A great way to make people aware about these things. They are there but hardly someone reads about that. Great initiative. Loved it

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