How Can Parents Try to Bridge the Generation Gap?

Have you ever been told by your child that you don’t understand him/her? Have you ever felt that there is a lack of connection between you and your child? Well, if so, you have faced the wall of Generation Gap that hits every parent, especially those of millennials. 

What does Generation Gap mean?

Generation Gap is an increasing difference between the two generations concerning their priorities, values, goals, attitude, etc. It is the reason for the increasing distance between parents and their children. This increasing distance leads to a lack of understanding of moral, social, political and religious opinions, which further leads to a lack of acceptance in a family. 

Few ways in which parents can try to bridge this gap and reconnect with their children are:

  • Communication plays an important role in bridging this gap. Both parents and children must be willing to sit and communicate with each other with respect and calmness. 
  • Be open-minded and don’t judge your children. Be gentle with them when they are trying to share something with you, don’t disregard their opinions as childish and of no value. It will only make them feel insecure and they won’t share anything else with you in the future.
  • Acceptance is something every child seeks from his/her surroundings, especially from their elders and parents. It is not an easy task to understand everything that your child throws at you, but with proper communication and by being open-mind, you will learn how to handle things gently. 
  • Understand and listen to what your child wants from you. You need to listen to your children and understand what they want to convey. With this fast-growing world and things like peer pressure, etc, it is important that your child can find a listener in you and share things with you.
  • Stop finding faults in your child, just because your child is different from others in some ways or doesn’t act like children of his/her age doesn’t mean they are at fault. Stop judging your children and comparing them with others, it will only harm their self-confidence and self-esteem. 

Bridging of the differences caused by the generation gap is something both parents and children have to take step in. With mutual respect to each others’ experiences and opinions, this gap will start to decrease. Communication, understanding, listening and open-mindedness plays major role in the bridging of this gap. 

Generation gap is something that hits every parents especially those of millennials. Basically, the generation gap is something which  has differences in actions, beliefs and tastes exhibited by members of the younger generation versus old ones. This leads to a lack of understanding between them but nonetheless, it is something that can be conquered and a genuinely peaceful and understanding equation can be developed between your and your child.

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