How To Stay Motivated And Focused While You Work Or Study From Home

While everyone is facing difficulties in doing their daily activities, it is very difficult to stay focused and work/study with motivation. Staying motivated doesn’t mean that you are totally occupied with you studies or work, it means that while doing a particular task you should be able to focus on it completely. There are a lot of ways to keep your mind on track while doing a particular task. Consistency is the key here, followed by having a balanced approach. Too much of anything is going to ultimately harm your wellbeing.

You have to be patient, consistent and believe in the process. The process is as follows:

1. Build a daily routine-

When you are about to begin to do something, it is very important to set up a proper, well planned routine. While creating a routine, the first thing you should decide is how many hours you’ll assign to the given task each day. This will depend on how much time you have on your hands to allocate to a certain task and how fast you can you do it, without it affecting the outcome. Five to six hours a day is probably the maximum time before your productivity starts to drop. Once you’ve decided how many hours you’re going to assign to the the given task each day, it’s a good idea to plan exactly how you want to approach it.

2. Get comfortable-

It’s really important to have an area that is conducive to learning. Studying at home can come with lots of potential distractions. Having a designated space for learning/working in the house and creating a calm area for work will help you to stay focused. It’s important to keep your learning/working area tidy and free of clutter. If you’re studying/working at your desk, make sure it’s clear of any mess. If you’re studying/working at the certain table or spot, clear everything off, even temporarily if required. A tidy space will help you to focus and relax.

3. Limit your screen time-

Spending long hours in front of a computer or laptop is bad for your eyes, posture and concentration. Limiting screen time has been shown to improve sleep which means that you’ll be able to study in a better manner if you’ve had a good night’s sleep. You can choose other fun activities to do instead of spending hours on the screen when it’s not necessary. Once in a week, try doing a digital detox. Also, limit the time you spend on social media apps.

4. Avoid procrastination-

If you think it’s tempting to procrastinate at the office, it’s even worse at home where there are more distractions. “It’s easy to put things off to later in the day or first thing tomorrow morning because you are not bound by office hours,” Williams says. “However, this causes stress as you can easily push yourself tight against a deadline, and if something unexpected happens — like your internet goes down, you get sick, or a family member gets sick — you could miss the deadline, which may have grave consequences for your business.”

5. Have a long-term plan-

Ticking items off your to-do list is a major component of working/studying from home, but you have to think about the big picture too. When you work solo and from home, it’s easy to get bogged down, but you should always have your overall business plan in mind. Ideas are a good way to start, but without actionable steps, you’re just spinning your wheels and not going anywhere. Once you have an actionable plan, break down your yearly, quarterly, weekly and daily goals.

Merely having a plan doesn’t work, you need to implement it in your life and be consistent. Following up is the key to success. Whenever you feel demotivated, always try to remember why you started that task and what made you do so, and you will get the answer on your own. It’s always advisable to work with love and love your work at the same time because that’s how you will achieve success. Life can become difficult but it’s mandatory to stop when you are done and not when you are tired. Period.

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  1. I was missing the long term plan point in my way to work, will see the impact of it on adding it now. Good job in writing, though.

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