How To Stay Positive In Life?

There have been multiple times when an individual is told to stay positive when plans do not work as planned and when life gives them lemons. But how many times does an individual take positivity as a pre-conceived strategy? Probably zero. This is because humans are not very satisfied with the idea of staying and thinking positive, which is quite natural for them.

We humans are conditioned in such a manner that circumstances leads to overthinking the consequences. So, this is exactly where we lack. We never really try to widen our horizon of positivity. It is said that life is a complicated labyrinth of experiential passages, that is, every day of our life is a new day which comes with pre planned set of opportunities and at times challenges. But at the end of the day what sticks solid in our mind is the challenge that we faced that ultimately caused hindrance in the plan. This is why evaluating your present situation holds supreme importance. One should try to assess the present, make a positive viewpoint of it and further a positive outlook of the future and how to achieve it.

Mixing up negativity with over thinking will never help in life. Positivity enables you to focus on your present and live life at the moment. It provides us the exploration we need to magnify our own positive thoughts and vibes so that we can nurture it. The awareness that the society needs in relation to mental health is that mental health is more than the mere absence of healthy mental conditions. It is more about how we think, what we think and how can we imbibe positivity within ourselves.

Positive thinking does not mean that we should stay in cloud nine at all phases of our life. Yes, there are situations that are stress worthy and which need to be tackled either emotionally or practically. But what one can do is never let go of positivism. Not just mental health, optimism and positive thinking also leads to improved physical health as it ensures better life span, reduced heart risks and better stress management. So, basically it is quite wholesome as we have been blessed with a complete mental, physical and emotional well-being.

Recent study has revealed that positivity and positive thinking can be imbibed as a trait in an individual from the very beginning of his life. The term ‘Positive Parenting’ has surfaced as per which parents influence the life of their kid in such a manner that with time and growing age the child becomes aware as to how to solve problems of life critically and by taking up the role of a decision-maker. For instance, how to manage anger and peer pressure, how to think what suits right to oneself before taking life decisions, admitting your mistakes and accepting your failure.

It is believed that positive parenting is a very effective and a strong tool for healthy growing kids and once these strategies are brought into course of action, it confidently shapes your child’s life today and for many more years to come. Positive outlook starts with self-talk, self-care and stress management. So, the next time you find yourself indulging in negative thinking or stressing over on any issue just talk to yourself and give yourself some time off so that you can realize what value your life and your existence holds.

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