How To Unclutter Your Mind?

The importance of physical health has always been in the limelight, but what about ‘mental health’? Mental health is as important as physical health. Mental health is the psychological and emotional well-being of an individual, which is determined by our state of mind to a great extent. So, to be mentally healthy our mind should also be at peace. Mind refers to the invisible, transcendent world of thought, feelings, attitudes, beliefs, and imagination. 


Very rarely in life, we are moved by the reason behind racing thoughts and continuous chaotic mess in our mind. This indeed is a topic to be pondered upon. From sunrise to sunset, the mind performs a lot of functions like problem-solving, analyzing situations, making decisions and planning.  Amidst these functions, our mind gets filled up with some unnecessary or even necessary at times but stress-causing thoughts. It can include stressing about the future, repenting on the past and complaining unnecessarily. Whether they are negative, positive or neutral, these thoughts clutter our minds.  


Excessive cluttering of mind can prove to be harmful to our mental health. A cluttered mind is unfocused, restless and easily distracted. Moreover, the signal that something else is to be done or I am missing out on something causes mental exhaustion. It leads to congestion in our inner world and hinders good decision making. A cluttered mind is usually not able to think clearly and prioritize tasks.


Decluttering of mind means the removal of the extremely negative, distress causing and unnecessary thoughts from our mind. To do our daily life tasks productively, our mind needs to be decluttered. Decluttering of mind is an important activity that needs to be done, from time to time.

The thought of completing various tasks in a single day adds to the load on our brain and becomes a reason for stress, guilt, and anxiety. It is always essential to filter the helpful and positive thoughts from the unhelpful and negative ones, to help us know what we want in life and what will help us achieve our goals. 


  • Working on habits: To get rid of clutter, one should modify some unhelpful habits. For example perfectionism and procrastination. Leaving such habits can help focus on important tasks and cause less anxiety.
  • Relaxation techniques: Practising techniques that relax our mind can be a good distraction from these stressful thoughts. Meditation, deep breathing, yoga are such techniques that should be practiced daily. They not only help in maintaining physical health but also mental health.
  • Analyzing day-to-day activities: Talking to oneself is also a good exercise . One should at least spend half an hour with oneself and analyze what all he/she did all day, and what were the consequences. Such an exercise relieves mental burden and help us know the status of our to-do list.
  • Getting over uncontrollable things or the past: At times , one should accept certain situations like they are and stop worrying about it. This habit makes a person less mentaly exhausted. Even past incidents should not bother one for long as they usually become a reason for mental tension.  
  • Developing the habit of ‘writing’: One can always pen down the things they can’t get off their minds. Writing feels like sharing things with a person and makes one feel lighter. It is one of the best ways to reduce clutter from the mind.
  • Organizing: Planning tasks to be done in a systemized manner always makes tasks look easier to perform. The mind is relieved of some burden this way.
  • Stop multitasking carelessly: Trying to perform various tasks at one time ends up making a mess.  This puts pressure on the mind to perform various functions at the same time. A person is not able to do even one task with the required concentration. One should avoid multitasking carelessly.
  • Prioritize: Making a list of tasks to be performed, on the basis of their importance is also helpful. It helps us to know which task is to be performed first and helps in reducing the burden of mind.

‘Very little is needed to make a happy life, it is all within yourself, in your way of thinking’- Marcus Aurelius

Just as this quote says, a little change is required for a peaceful life . This change starts within us, by changing the way we perceive things and by changing some habits. So start working on it, get rid of your mental baggage and live a stress-free life.

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