It’s OKAY To Talk About How You Actually Feel.

We come across many people in our daily routine of life, including our family, friends, co-workers or maybe general people who’re hustling to make ends meet. Whenever we ask them “how are you?” What type of replies do we receive in general ? “I am good”, “I am fine”, these are the normal reverts we receive when we ask the previously mentioned question. But, are they actually feeling as good as they make it seem? Are they actually fine? The truth is -Nobody knows! No one can truly know what goes on in the mind of another individual. You can’t really know if they’re actually okay or not.

From the very beginning, the general perception related to sharing of feelings has a lot of stigma attached to it. Even if someone tries to open up about their feelings, they look out for that one genuine person who won’t judge them and will provide realistic advice and in the search of finding that person, people usually suppress their feelings inside which in turn destroys their emotional as well as mental system. Preferring to hide your emotions is nothing but just a way to hide your real self because society treats outbursts or talking about emotional health as a weakness.

Why are people afraid to share ? Here are some of the reasons:

  • Trust : When there is a lack of trust between in relationships, you cannot be completely honest with the people around you. Your relationships should be trustworthy and accommodating in order for you to feel comfortable with the thought of having to share anything personal.
  • Fake depiction of emotions: Nobody will ever get to know what is going on inside your mind, unless you remove your fake masks of happy faces. This kind of fake happiness may look good on the outside but will keep on disturbing you from inside.
  • Fear of getting mocked: This fear of getting mocked in the society is one of the major reasons why people don’t speak up about their feelings. The thought like “how will people take it?”, “ What if my feelings become a joke to everyone? “ scare people so much that they think hiding their real emotions is a better and safe option.
  • Gender issues: It is always said that only girls cry or only girls brag about every little thing. God made every individual the same with the same kind of emotional system. If God made no difference, then who are we to distinguish? It is perfectly alright if men cry, it is okay if he breaks down. Emotions do not see gender , it happens to everyone.
  • Communication gap : There is a lack of effective communication between people. In this fast moving world where people are too busy with their own stuff, communication is lacking day by day. People may be too active on social media but are they even talking in real life ? No! 

Your emotions need a pathway to come out, which only you can make. If you don’t speak out, it will feel like screaming out loud but without voice and no one will ever get to know what is happening. Hiding your inner self will only make you weak, and will eat up your confidence. It’s only you, who can speak up about your true self. Happiness lies within you, not in the people around.

Listed below are some of the ways which will help you to express yourself with any hesitation:

  • Take it as a positive sign : Speaking up for yourself is a positive way to enhance the quality of life. There is no shame in sharing what you feel or what you express. There is nothing bad in taking care of your well being and  quality of life.
  • Communicate with your loved ones: Start talking to your family , your friends or anyone to whom you are close to. If you talk, there are fewer chances of feeling alone. Even if you are just listened to, it can lower the burden on your mind.
  • Take your time : There is no hurry when it comes to speaking up or truly expressing how you feel. Take your space, time and be completely comfortable and honest while expressing. Express exactly what is going on in your head. Speak out anything but at least speak .
  • Build your confidence: It may feel like a courageous task to open up about your emotions, but it’s important that you take care of your well being.

It is time to break your silence and express openly about your feelings and emotions. Clarify what is not acceptable to you and respect your own boundaries. It will definitely help you make your life happier, healthier and worth living.

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