Learn How To Overcome Lack of Concentration.

When doing a certain task or work, we sometimes feel distracted, or random thoughts overcome our mind and eat up our concentration. This phenomenon of losing concentration is very common and anyone can face this. For example, for the last 2-3 hours I have not been able to write my article due to lack of concentration. I know I could have written it down in 1 hour but my mind is not allowing to do so. Defining the word concentration- it states the action or power of focusing all one’s attention.

Why is it so important to have a proper concentration while doing a work ? 

Here are some reasons:

  • It helps in maintaining a good control over our thoughts.
  • It allows us to completely focus on the work we are doing and brings in perfection.
  • It helps in boosting the memory power.
  • It keeps the mind at peace and brings positivity.
  • Concentration brings in efficiency.
  • It destroys all the negativity and unwanted thoughts.
  • People tend to make less mistakes if they are concentrating properly on the task at hand.
  • It helps in creating more creative ideas.

Concentration plays a very important in everyone’s life. It makes the mind stable and is necessary for good mental health. There are many causes which lead to lack of concentration. 

External impact:

  • Your personal surroundings – it includes where you live , work and spend most of your time.
  • External noise – loud music , crowded areas, etc.
  • Peer group – your own peer group has a great influence. How they work , how they think , does make a great impact on one’s concentration.

Internal impact:

  • Thoughts – how positive your thoughts are.
  • Family atmosphere – in which atmosphere you are brought up. 
  • Personal issues- what kind of personal issues you face in your life.
  • Personal relationships – how well your relationships are with other people.

Other factors include :

  • ADHD – attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.
  • Lack of sleep 
  • Mental illness 
  • Excess stress 

In today’s modern era where the internet and social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp, and Snapchat are shortening the attention span, it is creating an alarming scenario for everyone to make their concentration power strong. Even if we look at ourselves today, what is the first thing we do when we wake up? We check our phones. The moment our mind is awake we fill it with all the outer social cluster around us instead of just focusing on our inner peace.

We fill our minds with so much information and news that we keep on thinking about them the whole day and just lose our focus. It distracts us from our goals and objectives to be fulfilled. If working in the corporate world, lack of concentration can prove to be a risk to the job. When working in an organization it is important for an employee to work with full efficiency and complete the task effectively. 

Mentioned below are some remedies to improve your concentration:

  1. You can listen to some good soothing and relaxing songs as it may help to relax your mind and soul.
  2. One can practice concentration exercises. It may seem difficult to do so but it can surely affect.
  3. Start with small steps, even if your progress is slow you can still improve.
  4. Limit down your screen time. Keep a proper track of your time spent on the internet and social media.
  5. Try to get a good and proper 8 hours of sleep.
  6. Go for meditation programs for a better inner peace.

The power of concentration has a great importance in the walk of life. It is necessary in every part of our daily activities, from studying to doing daily household chores or from job related tasks. It is said to be a boon for a successful living , career and life. Strengthen your power of concentration and achieve the sky with rainbow colors.

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