5 Ways to Stay Calm amidst All the Chaos

Stress is an inevitable part of our lives. As gloomy as it sounds, it’s a fact none of us can run from. Stressors can be many, a busy lifestyle, lack of sleep, a break up, things not going as planned, us being a part of the rat race that tells us that we constantly need to be on a path of achievement, and the list is never ending. How does one stay calm amidst all this overpowering chaos then?

From day one, we’ve been taught how important it is to give your work your everything but why did no one ever teach us the importance of self care and that it is equally necessary? You’ll always hear people saying that, “stress comes with the job” but why isn’t anyone talking about how to break free from the restraints that stress puts in your life? Stress can be consuming. It can be tiring. It can be draining. These aren’t things we’re unfamiliar with, so why just let it all be instead of talking about the elephant in the room?

We’re all quite well acquainted with stressful situations and how they can hit you at the most random of moments. What to do then? How to handle stress? Pressure is a part of life that we need to make our peace with without letting it destroy us. But again, how do we do that? Worry not. Stress can be dealt with if efficiently but that requires time, patience and most of all, faith in oneself. Let us make it a little simpler for you. Below listed are a few easy ways that might help you deal with stress on a daily basis.

One Thing at a time

One of the major reasons why your brain might feel stressed is because of cluttering, cluttering of the thought process because you’ve taken up a number of tasks at the same time. Stop. Make a list of all you want to do and then do them one by one. This way your mind will be focused on one thing at time instead of being in a number of places at once.

Count to 10 and Deep Breathing

There’s a reason why classic remedies are called what they are. If you find yourself panicking a lot over something, stop for a moment, close your eyes and take a deep breath. Now, count from one to ten slowly without thinking about anything else. It’s advisable to do this in fresh air as it helps your mind clear the mess a little. It might not solve the problem immediately or give you the answers you’re looking for but it’ll definitely help you start afresh.

A Healthy Lifestyle
The most effective way to beat stress in the long run is actually something that’s more or less common knowledge but isn’t being followed as enthusiastically as it should be. Yes, eat, sleep and exercise right. It’s as simple as that. A proper diet, loads of water intake, 6-7 hours of night sleep and 20 minutes of exercise a day and see the change in your stress levels! Your mind and body will thank you for this, trust me.

Again, not something new or something most of us have not heard. Meditation works wonders and there’s a reason why monks are the most calm and happy people around the globe. Meditation is the key to a calmer, more stable mind. A few minutes a day is quite doable and the results are always uplifting. Even for people who think they don’t stress out easily, it’s a superb practice which helps in building a razor sharp focus in a balanced body and mind.

Believe in yourself
Time and again we’ve been taught the importance of self confidence and how it’s an absolute essential to climb the ladder of success but what we usually fail to mention is to believe in ourselves first. One can’t be confident if one doesn’t have a strong sense of trust on his own capabilities. BE YOUR OWN FAITH. Be the person who has undying, unaltered confidence in YOU. Nothing can help you battle stress better than your faith in yourself.

Stress isn’t the taboo it used to be in the earlier times yet stress coping measures are. That’s where the problem lies and that’s what needs to be challenged and changed. Stress management isn’t tough but it requires persistence.  Believe in yourself, pamper yourself, eat and sleep well. There’s no questioning that your will and your faith in yourself are bigger than any of your problems. Once you start having faith in yourself, you’ll realize that stress might be strong, but you’re stronger.


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