What To Do When You Feel Like Quitting Your Job?

Ever felt like not talking to your project manager? Or not sitting in the assigned cubicle and slogging your daylight hours? Has the work environment become so toxic that you’d rather sit at home? Or is it just a breeze of fresh air you need and wish to expand your horizon? Whether for a positive motive or negative, quitting your job is a stressful business and one should take that step only after considering the pros and the cons thoroughly. 

If you often find yourself searching for answers to this unraveling question then you’re in luck as this article is just for you. Before moving any further let’s try to know why a person might want to quit their job. 


  • LACK OF RESPECT: According to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, seeking respect and recognition is the second most important need a human embarks to fulfil. In case, the following doesn’t get realized in the workplace one loses their productivity and the thought of quitting their job starts striking their mind. 
  • NON-ALIGNMENT OF INTERESTS WITH WORK PROFILE: This is a very special case that can be strikingly observed mostly in freshers. To earn themselves some work experience, they get on board with jobs that might not align with their interest. This leads to them falling into the fallacy of reconsidering their options and quitting the current job. 
  • TOXIC ENVIRONMENT: Toxicity is a very subjective word and it differs from person to person. For a particular individual toxicity might be a dull and gloomy workplace for others it is a work that stresses them out and leaves no room for the me time. No matter how relative the definition of toxic environment is if it leaves a person physically and emotionally drained then it does count as a good enough reason to get rid of it. 
  • EXPLORE NEW FIELDS: As the heading suggests itself, it’s when a person decided to take the next giant leap in their career. There are no hard feelings involved for the current job rather it is a call the person makes for their personal growth.

Quitting a job is not a decision that one takes overnight. It is definitely not something that a person doesn’t find the need to fret about. There’s generally a series of events involved that later climax into the one final straw. While arriving at this mammoth of a conclusion one should always ask themselves if their decision is not solely based upon one tough week or one difficult project. Life changing decisions like this should not be taken in the heat of the moment which might put the individual in a guilt trip. 


  1. CHANGE IS THE ONLY CONSTANT Every action has a consequence. Time waits for none and thinking that your life has come to a halt would be a baseless proposition. Now that you’ve actually quit your job it’s better to focus on the greener side of the grass and step out of your comfort zone. 
  2. GO ON A VACATION: Mental health always comes first and not everybody finds themselves in the right mental space after leaving a job. The best way to deal with this is by re-energizing yourself by going into zen mode and taking the time to figure out the next best thing for yourself. 
  3. INVEST IN YOUR HOBBIES AND LEARN NEW SKILLS: It has been very rightly said that a new door opens when the existing one closes. You should make your hobbies your priority and invest time in your undiscovered skills. Magic happens after you move out from your comfort zone and who knows this is a sign from the universe all along?

At the end of this article, we just want to say that everything seems impossible until it’s done. A single piece of writing cannot influence such a big decision and thus,the individual should always listen to both their heart and mind while indulging into something like this. Quitting can be done in a polite and respectful manner as well that can keep the mental health of the individual intact. Life is all about moving forward and thus one should test their strength and ask themselves thorough questions while doing this. 

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3 thoughts on “What To Do When You Feel Like Quitting Your Job?

  1. Article was really great,it really helped me to get knowledge to think twice before taking important decisions of life and also motivated me to bring POSITIVITY in life.

  2. “One should always ask themselves if their decision is not solely based upon one tough week or one difficult project”
    This line is something I could relate to
    Insightful article ✨

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