Why Is “Me Time” Important?

In our day-to-day life, we come across many people and have several interactions with our friends, family, colleagues, etc. During this whole process, we might feel like we never get a moment of peace by being constantly surrounded by people who demand our time and attention. The demands of today’s life can be overwhelming. While focusing on our jobs, looking after the family, interacting in social groups or whatever it is that our lifestyle demands, we must try and avoid getting mentally exhausted. In order to do that, we need to take out some time for ourselves. We often tend to prioritize other tasks over our personal time because it might seem selfish and we feel guilty for it but it’s not a selfish act.

Why “me time” is not selfish?

  • Without “me time” one can experience burnout.
  • It recharges our mind.
  • Everyone needs some personal time.
  • Just like every working object, if we don’t tune it up; it will start deteriorating. Similarly, a human body and mind need to tune up for a bit.

During “me time”, it’s not necessary to be productive. It is just the idea of taking a break from day-to-day important tasks and having some time alone that one can enjoy. While some people like to watch T.V, others like to lie down and surf through social media, yet others like to read, sing, dance or do anything that makes them happy and stress-free. It varies from one person to another. When we feel clear and free, it aids productivity. It is not healthy to sacrifice your mental health by prioritizing other tasks.

It is important to have quality “me time” because :-

  • It helps to reduce stress

Between our busy routines and numerous interactions, if we don’t value “me time” we might feel more exhausted and burdened which can lead to low productivity. In order to work effectively, one must recharge, take time and try to bring stress levels down by relaxing a bit which can be achieved by spending some time with oneself.

  • Improves focus and helps in finding solutions to various problem

The demands of modern lifestyle can hijack our personal demands and the capability of thinking about the solution to our problems. We tend to ignore many of our important needs and wants in order to complete our daily tasks, which leads to a lack of concentration.  Having some time alone can help a person to let thoughts in and can provide a way out and a better perspective for oneself

  • It can improve our relationships

Being overly involved in relationships can lead to a cycle of dependency and might allow others to believe that we don’t prioritize ourselves enough consequently, encouraging them to take advantage of it. It is important for each individual to value themselves first, so that others can value them. “Me time” can help us to feel fresh, energetic and healthy. It aids to increase our self-worth which pumps our ability to understand others in a better manner and love and support the people we care about.

  • It provides greater wellbeing and positive outlook

“Me time” helps to unburden our mind, and leads to us having a positive outlook and inculcating practices that aid mental and physical well-being. Feeling happy and positive is a major step towards good mental health. A good mental health means a sense of fulfilment, and to achieve that, it is important to know yourself first. This can be done by spending time with yourself, taking out time to have fun, relaxing, or doing something just for yourself.

  • Provides work-life balance

Understanding ourselves and our needs can provide a better work-life balance. When we take time to understand ourselves, we get to know about our choices and capabilities. This can help us to learn how to say “no” to the tasks that are not meant for us rather than putting our hands in every other task to experience new things. This allows us to manage our work and personal life more effectively.

How to spend your “me time?”

The quality of personal time is more important than its quantity. Even if we enjoy a minute or two, it should be fulfilling. Our focus should be on a greater degree of enjoyment rather than spending more time on it. Time thus spent must be valuable and must not give one a feeling of guilt. In order to achieve this  during “ me time”, one should do something beneficial and effective like having a treat, watching a film, listening to music, go to the park for a walk on your lunch break, pamper yourself, etc.

James A. Michener said, “If a man happens to find himself, he has a mansion which he can inhabit with dignity all the days of his life.”

“Me time” is as important as any other task of the day and it should be a priority for someone who wants a happy life and stable mental health in order to attain peace, work effectively, and stay positive in life.

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4 thoughts on “Why Is “Me Time” Important?

  1. Indeed it is!….
    Me time is very important, the world is lacking self love…we know how to to love but we invest the knowledge in someone else…but don’t even think about themselves….see this is the thing whenever we are asked who is the one person we love the most…we think of whole world but not for one sec ilwe think of ourselves…
    Hence, for knowing our worth, knowing who we are, where we are…is the important thing…and “Me Time” it is worthy.

    1. Absolutely agree with your point and yes me time is as important as any other task, Thanks for sharing your views 🙌❤️

  2. Absolutely agree with your point and yes me time is as important as any other task, Thanks for sharing your views 🙌❤️

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