How To Reduce Excessive Usage Of Your Phone During The Day?

No doubt mobile phone technology is making everything easy and accessible; from ordering food to shopping we can legit get everything right at our doors. Though, this doesn’t cease the fact from existing that mobile phones are one of the most dangerously addictive technologies available.

With our moms blaming phones for us catching cold-cough, fractures to market prices dropping down we really need to focus on this one problem.

An integral part of our lives and a major functional unit in today’s world boycotting the use of smartphones is not a relevant idea. What we can do is that we cut the time spent on it off. Even without really giving off hints the phone affects our mental health in many ways.

Radiations that come out of our smart phones causes serious health issues to which we all are quite familiar with. Apart from physical harm a lot of mental and emotional pressure is also inflicted through phones. Anxiety due to social networking sites and other such issues like that impractical fear of replying on time are worth mentioning as the major potentials of mental anxiety and stress.

So, in order to reduce the usage of phone one needs to follow routine and inculcate habits that’ll be of help once mastered. Some such tips are mentioned here below-

1. Monitor- Your first aim should be to monitor your time spent on phone. This is a very integral part; acceptance of the issue comes first. Once you realize that the time spent on phone is not reasonable you can firmly move on to next step.

2. Reasoning- Certain work profiles do need excessive usage of phone. Now your aim should be to realize whether the usage of phone done by you is reasonable or not. Try to decipher what type of usage is your necessity and what is just pure time wastage. By time wastage I do not want to imply that any activity of entertainment is actually unnecessary yet limiting the time and time slotting is essential.

3. Drawing Out A Plan- Once you know what holds you back you can promptly work on your pattern. You have to draw a plan in your mind where you would calculate the time that should be given to each activity on your phone. Prioritizing your needs and comfort while maintaining the balance of time is the key point.

4. Timed Bans– Banning the usage of phone for a particular time is a good enough tactic. Many people use this trick, like shutting off usage of phone one hour before sleep which is a very good habit indeed, having no-phone Sundays, no distraction during eating and other such time schedules can be very helpful in building up a resistance against the addiction of phone.

5. Technical Majors- Last but definitely not the least, taking technical majors to support your drive is a great idea. Try shutting off notification sounds and irrelevant drawing over apps so as to have a peaceful phone next to you.

We know that phone is a part of us nowadays, the songs we listen to, all the wandering knowledge on internet, our favorite films to the people we adore. Everything, EVERYTHING! is just a click away. This is our own responsibility to save guard this blessing from becoming a curse because you know too much sugar taste bitter.

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