Ways to Overcome Online Social Media Fatigue For Mental Well-Being

Social media always keeps us connected and updated about each other’s activities. Techopedia defines it as “Social media fatigue refers to social media users’ tendency to pull back from social media when they become overwhelmed with too many social media sites, too many friends and followers and too much time spent online maintaining these connections. Boredom and concerns about online privacy are also linked to social media fatigue.” Further, social media is rife with comparison, which ultimately can lead to acute stress and anxiety. The tendency to spend too much time scrolling and pretending to look busy is another manifestation of this fatigue. The steps that can help you reduce the fatigue and anxiety caused by social media are: 1) Stepping away It is important to realize what doesn’t suit you at a given point in time and hence walk away before it hampers your personal space and growth. You can always disappear from social media and find other ways to connect with Important people. It is also important to realize that people who like to connect with you, will find a way, regardless of convenience. 2) Be selective Be selective with the channels that you use to save time and energy. Utilize them to the fullest to make the connections you need and the ones that will benefit you. Focusing our energies on one or maybe two can ease off the pressure and reduce the feeling of dread and overwhelm. 3) Idea of less is more It is important to post, but not post 3–4 times a day while building pressure on yourself. It Is quality that matters over quantity. While posting, understand what you are posting and reflect on why you are, and what are its benefits. Moreover, it is more useful to have a good solid network of 200 people rather than thousands and having a small curated group of ‘friends’ would ensure that the feed is free of things that might cause envy, competitiveness, and depression, and you will only see things in your feed that gives pleasure every day. 4) Be creative It is important to use your mind with original and creative ideas, instead of competing with others. Be authentic and be better than yourself instead of trying to be better than others. It is important to remind yourself that everything you see online might not be true and my just be a tiny glimpse of what the other person wants to portray. More importantly it is essential to recognize that your social media should be authentic- should be like who you actually are and no one else. Losing sight of who you are is the most generic cause of anxiety. An individual may get overwhelmed by so much happening around, but it is important to maintain authenticity. Being at peace with who you are will help you and your mental health, by keeping you realistic, and positive. Mental health issues are important to deal with, and the same social media can also help you reach out. Every time you take up an endeavour, it is important to consider if it keeps you emotionally healthy and helps you grow. In case it doesn’t and issues start occurring, you can always use this platform to reach out and get help, in order to make your life more healthy and productive. Find a BUDDY to share all your problems with (even anonymously, if you want) on the FeelJoy Mobile App available for all Android users.  DOWNLOAD THE FEELJOY APP HERE.
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