5 Ways To Tackle Indecisiveness

Decisions! In our entire life we take millions of decisions from selecting our daily outfits to selecting a career for ourselves. But what happens when you are faced with major confusions regarding even the simplest of decisions? This is where, the term “indecisiveness” comes. According to a psychological study, many youngsters are facing this problem especially when it comes to their career or jobs or life partners. Taking a decision on their own is one of the most difficult tasks for them and when they fail to do that, constant stress and anxiety become their companions which marks the beginning of an even bigger mental problem.

How to tackle indecisiveness?

If the above mentioned scenarios sound a bit familiar, here are a few practices to put a stop to your indecisiveness.

1. Be patient with yourself

Most of the times we want to make the best decision and want to make it quickly. This is toxic. Take your time and learn to be patient with yourself. Try to understand that the decision that affects you will take time and effort. According to various studies, taking a pause and then starting a again can help in making a better decision. Especially when making very big choices, it is very important to take a long break and map out your plan. Write it on a piece of paper and keep doing it until you feel satisfied with your observations. In order to practice patience, one should practice writing from their left hand if you are right handed or vice-a-versa. It will help you in clearing the blockades in your mind and help you to think straight.

2. Banish your perfectionist mindset

When we talk about anxiety, we must know that it is an outcome of constant fears. A large number of people who go through indecisiveness have these bars of perfection set in their minds. It is very difficult for them to accept mistakes or second places. They want everything to be perfect. Hence, they are always confused about their decisions as they don’t know which will take them to “Perfection.” The solution to this problem is that we should constantly remind ourselves that errors and mistakes are actually required . When you account for the fact that there will always be hiccups and setbacks no matter what decision you make, you can plan for them and be more prepared when they arise inevitably.

3. The art of letting go

We all make mistakes and it is a part of this journey called life. But when we have an illusion of perfection set up in our minds due to which we are unable to let go of those mistakes. Slowly, we stop indulging in activities to prevent committing another mistake ever again. We start questioning every choice and tend to make second guesses even about the ones already made but isn’t that a mistake in itself? The solution to this problem is very simple. Start trusting your own self. Stand in front of a mirror and tell yourself that it is okay to make mistakes. After all we learnt to walk after falling hundreds of times. We have to make some mistakes to learn not to make them ever again. That’s how life works. Believe that you will give your best and leave the result for tomorrow.

4. Pay attention to your emotions

Analyze your emotions. Do not act impulsively. It only implies that you are acting out of fear. Hence, the anxiety of the outcome. It is okay to be afraid. Trust your gut. Many a times our body knows us more than we do. It will help you in taking the right decision. Accept your emotions, whether positive or negative. Gradually, you will leave your fears behind.

5. Question your intentions

Those facing indecisiveness have a tendency of making choices with the intention of appeasing others. That’s why they want everything to be perfect. It is important to think about other people as well while making a decision but to do so just to make others happy especially when the decision can change your life, isn’t healthy. It is important to analyze the outcomes of your decision, take time and think about it. Make your opinion your priority and then think about other people. Find a mid-way, if faced by confusion.

No one can ever tell you how to take your decisions. It is up to you. Therefore, it is very important that you make them with a clear mind. So what are you waiting for? Life waits ahead, looking forward for you to choose it.

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