How To Deal With Bullying?

Bullying is a ‘term’ we often hear, read cases about and spot out in news and articles.
Whilst, Bullying is an ‘act’ we might not be that familiar with.
And, Bullying is an ‘experience’ we might not be able to talk about that easily.

Since we are young most of have the privilege of having parents or guardians who can at least make us aware of this subject i.e. bullying. Awareness about such a situation helps guide us towards a path where we can try to avoid and deal with bullying. That being said, this does not mean that everyone can avoid it and rather most of the people experience bullying at least once in their life.
Bullying is not something which we can characterize as a set of actions. It has a lot of diversified divisions and types. Cyber bullying, office bullying, school bullying are just a few common types which we are particularly aware of. Bullying can happen anywhere and in any situation.

Bullying is an experience which is not similar for everyone simple joke or leg pulling for one might cause real negative affect on the mental health of the other. This states the part that not everyone has a similar temperament and hence the act of bullying does not qualify as ‘bullying’ by looking at the intensity of it but by rather the intensity by which it affected the victim.

Anyone can get caught up in such a situation in their lives and dealing with it can be hard. In such cases below are a few ways which can be implemented to help ourselves or our loved ones in case they are being bullied-

1. Addressing The Issue Rather Than Ignoring- Ignoring is not a choice you should make. Continuing to ignore such acts which hurt you physically and mentally can make the offender more bold in his/her actions.

2. Having A Proper Confrontation-
Rushing into a decision is never really a good idea. Think the situation through and then try to solve it logically and harmlessly. Tit for tat is not something you do in every situation. If you think of taking revenge it can backfire. In such situation confront the person and talk through your way by giving of a subtle warning and standing up for yourself. Never give them a chance to downplay you by avoiding the confrontation part and skipping the inevitable.

3. Discussing With Elder And Loved Ones-
You are not supposed to go through everything alone. Talking and getting advice from an elder can help you evaluate the situation. Asking for help if you feel like it in case you feel mental anxiety is necessary. Knowing that others support you will help your self-esteem and make you feel better about your decisions and yourself.

4. Take Major Action When Necessary-
Bullying is an oppressive act which stem from harmful mindset. Dealing with such issue can be extremely harmful for you mental and physical health. In many cases the act can go far from what one can handle on their own and with confrontation. In such cases do not let anything get you down and promptly take the matter to a superior or association. Taking help from law and order is a choice you must make when things feel out of control.

5. Getting Professional Help- Bullying leads to shaken mental health and is a traumatic experience. Getting help from a psychologist or therapist during such times to gain your confidence and harmony in your life back is quite a rational decision. Working on your mental mindset about yourself and about life in general after such experience is a positive step toward positive mindset and health lifestyle choices.

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