The Blue Whale Challenge- All About The How’s And Whys

The whimpering of a questioning mother echoed in the air when she saw her young boy laying in a pool of blood early one morning. A father now silently oscillates to and fro from work and home, with no desire to continue living, he longs to meet his little princess up there in heaven. They long for explanations, for reasons, they seek to fix their mistakes but all they have is endless despair, guilt and one thing to blame- The Blue Whale Challenge. What is the blue whale challenge? This crazy and heinous game started as craze amongst teenagers for its challenging nature. To discuss the basics, the game involves the challengers being given simple self-harm tasks slowly moving into the direction of forcing them to end their lives. As cruel as it sounds the game became a huge success in terms of its joiners, destroying several families. Developed by a possible sadist the game knows no boundaries and is merciless but the real task is for us to understand the reason why this game was so influential in the first place. The young minds of kids and teens are raw and a minor tinge of error can have a deep impact and a huge negative influence. What went wrong and how can you help? It is important to note that since we live in the age of internet, it is very feasible and easy to be influenced by something that’s trending, this phase for children is where they are searching for an existence apart from that of their parents, the quest is to find the treasure of their identity, to be able to say who they are without thinking twice, another important factor is the lack of time and connection families share in modern times. The basic request here is to share ample amount of time with your kids right from the beginning and not let them fall prey to the dark net or peer pressure (another reason why this game gained momentum was that of young adult’s urge to be wanted and to be cool). If only we take some time to understand each other on equal parameters and accept the individuality of both our parents as well as kids can we overcome such issues and move towards better mental health. Taking little preventive steps can save your loved ones. After all, they matter the most. So let’s together stand like a wall for those susceptible to be a victim of this deadly game. Find a BUDDY to share all your problems with (even anonymously, if you want) on the FeelJoy Mobile App available for all Android users.  DOWNLOAD THE FEELJOY APP HERE.
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